Why we need diverse books

Something to consider both when writing, and reading.


The lack of diversity in publishing (1)

Like every other industry, publishing needs to up its game in terms of its diversity. This isn’t a simple issue of, say, publishing more books with a black girl on the cover; it is a deep-rooted, systemic issue that must be dealt with at every level. Publishers, marketers, authors, readers, teachers – everyone has to make a conscious effort to examine their (unconscious) biases, expand their worldviews and give different voices a chance and a platform. They all have a responsibility to these works and their potential audiences – the responsibility of any content creator – because authors are not the only ones telling the stories.

In 2015 Lee & Low Books, the largest multicultural children’s book publisher in America, conducted a major study of staff diversity in publishing. The Diversity Baseline Survey was established under the premise of needing to understand a problem before it can be solved…

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