I am an English/Irish-Australian poet, writer, and editor.
Over the years, both in the UK and Australia, I’ve had experience in advertising (sales and copy writing), writing business editorial and news articles, academic writing and as the co-writer/editor of Michael Whatham’s autobiography “So I Hit Him”.
Yet first and foremost I am a poet, influenced by the lyric writing of Dylan Thomas, WB Yeats, Gerald Manley Hopkins, Walt Whitman and Hermann Hesse, and the extraordinary poetry of Sylvia Plath and Irish poets Eavan Boland and Nuala Ni Dhomhnaill.
You will find on my blog various pieces written over 40 years or so (unbelievable to me as that sounds), divided into Poetry, Academic Writing, Short Essays and Non-Fiction.
My hope is that you will find something that touches you, inspires you, or simply makes you feel ‘at home’.
As I wrote in “Discovering my own poetic”:
“Ultimately, my writing is life-affirming; it speaks of the conscious and the unconscious life. Its intent is to arouse curiosity, to celebrate, to question and challenge, to heal, make joyful and even beautiful my, and our, human experience. Writing gives meaning to my own existence, and allows me to share my understanding with others. The reader is a necessary part of the whole process; it is both for me, and for the reader that I create.
Writing is my way of connecting my own humanity with others, of illuminating the dark corners and embracing the shadows, and connecting with the eternal.”

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